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Fuel, Fertilizer Savings Drive Evolving Strip-Till System

September 2014-After years of field cultivation and disc ripping on his family’s corn and soybean operation, Ben Pederson believed he was improving soil tilth. But visual indicators on his farm near Lake Mills, Iowa, began to leave him less convinced that full-width tillage was worthwhile.

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Technology, focused fertility smooth strip-till transition

August 2014- When first investing in precision technology, a concern for Berning was going too far, too fast. That’s why he gave himself 3 years to experiment with the technology before moving to strip-till.

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July 2014-Testing soil-nutrient levels with modern technology reduces inputs and boosts corn yields – See more at:,-2014.php

Europeans visit Faribault farm machinery factory

June 2014-On June 16, the company and its employees turned hosts, as 43 visitors from across the ocean arrived at their factory