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Speaker Program For Inaugural National Strip-Tillage Conference Released

April 2014- “Learning Strip-Till Together,” the inaugural National Strip-Tillage Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on July 30 and 31 will offer strip-tillers hundreds of tips and techniques from consultants, university experts and veteran strip-tillers. Follow Link for details.

3 Precision Technology Tips To Improve Strip Till

March 2013- Newton, Iowa, strip-tiller Will Cannon offers experienced-based insights on precision farming practices that are essential to strip-till success.  See more at:,-2014.php


March 2014- Modern agriculture, increased productivity, wildlife habitats and sustainability can coexist.

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Strip-Tillage: A Sustainable Effort

March 2014- It didn’t take much for Matt Rich­mond, Midwest field technology lead with Wilbur-Ellis Co., Onida, SD, to convince Thad Beringer to try strip-tillage on his farm last year . Click to read full article